The Global Vertical Innovations team has a broad set of skills in various development technologies, operating systems, and databases.  Based upon your company’s needs, GVI should have qualified staff which matches your technology environment.  If we do not, we pride ourselves in our honesty to tell you that we don’t currently have a given skillset within our team.   Many other organizations will tell you anything to close the deal, then go hire new and unknown staff to work on your project.

GVI takes pride in its work and the success of our clients, because without successful clients, there would be no Global Vertical Innovations.


Current Skillset Offerings :

Systems Design and Architecture

Based upon your business vertical, at least one member of our senior team has probably designed a system or developed software for your industry.   GVI has experience in designing systems in a wide range of industries from Correctional Facilities, Banking, Consumer Product Goods, Loyalty Programs,  Predictive Learning Inventory Systems all the way out to Energy Trading.



  • Full Stack .Net technologies
  • SQL Server
  • OA Applications and SCCS tools



  • GVI has vested itself in the Sencha Object JS technology. We feel that this presentation application platform is one of the best on the market and offer it as an option to all of our customers.



  • Database Design & Management
  • Database Development & Integration



  • GVI has in-depth experience with industry leading NoSQL database such as RavenDB and Mongo.


Other Technologies

  • In today’s world, there are countless numbers of applications, application platforms, toolkits and environments. Too many to list.  Our team of technology professionals are all Sr. Staff members and have been working in the industry for many years.  They all have skills with technologies outside of our non-core set, so please feel free to ask if we can utilize or support your toolkit.  You will get an honest answer.