“Not To Exceed” Promise

When you partner with GVI for your technology projects, we will always provide you a “Not To Exceed” estimate.

In simple terms, this means that if we cannot deliver your project on time and at estimated cost, you will not be charged anything extra.

It is GVI’s commitment to your company that you will never experience cost overages or estimation expansion while we work on your project.

We stand behind our estimates…period.


Staff Augmentation

Sometimes your projects or deliverables are variable or undefined and what you really need is qualified staff.   Global Vertical Innovations is there to help.  Our Staff Augmentation services allow you to custom tailor our Partnership to your needs.

You can choose pure staff augmentation where our staff member is yours.  They are a part of your team, in which you can use them for any task or activity which suits their skillsets.  Our staff members report directly to your leads and is no different that one of your permanent employees.

Some companies would rather have a team that has its own leadership and project management.   GVI can help here as well.  We can build a team which will report to a project manager that you task.   Use the one GVI contact point for your company to ensure that you know the status of any team assignments.   Our project manager will also act as a subject matter expert for the team so they always have direct access to someone who can answer their questions.



Global Vertical Innovations offers a full outsourcing program for your company’s development, application support, and other technology needs.  The outsourcing team becomes fully engaged in supporting your business by learning your technology, your business, and the way your business operates.

Engaging with GVI on a technology team outsource provides you with a one-stop shop for all your application and technology needs.